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Meeting Critical Healthcare Staffing Needs, Enriching the Lives of Our Patients.

Destiny Care Health Services specializes in providing qualified and experienced staff for patient care, public and private healthcare systems. Our team of allied health professionals, registered nurses (RNs & RPNs) and home support staff are ready to work in hospitals, group homes, rehab facilities, nursing homes and more.

Healthcare Staffing Solutions

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Nursing Services

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Homecare Services

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Why Choose Us

Qualified and experienced healthcare professionals

Dedicated and comprehensive level of care and support

Clinical excellence and outstanding customer service

We provide flexible scheduled services at competitive rates

We offer 24/7 hour services with weekly feedback and support

Hourly care or daily care based on individual needs

Clients Testimonials

After my mother suffered a stroke and a heart attack, I needed extra help to care for her. I was given the name Destiny Care Services by the hospital. The service provided for the last three months was fantastic. My mother was well cared for and she enjoyed the company of the lovely ladies. A shout out to Rita for listening and providing the services required and Mercy and Precious for taking great care of my mother. I can't thank you enough.

Anna R

After my mother-in-law's latest hospitalization her medical care was transferred to a Palliative Care team as she had a limited amount of time left. While the gov't provided 2 hours of PSW services daily, this was not nearly enough care. The hospital gave me a list of companies that offer PSW services that included several dozen names. After contacting numerous companies it was Destiny Care Services Inc. that I chose.

Janet Bayly

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Destiny Care HealthServices

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