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During my recovery from a spinal neck fracture early this year, I was fortunate to be given the name of Destiny Care Services by my daughter whose work is involved with Peel Health. I received a visit from the owner Rita while still in hospital to discuss what I felt my needs would be when I was discharged.

On my first visit, I felt my wonderful PSW “Mercy” would be a great fit for me. Always cheerful, she assisted me with my basic personal needs, light food prep as well as a bit of tidy up and making up my hospital bed which was on my main floor, so that by my afternoon I had the benefit of a fresh and organized environment for the rest of my day.
During our morning together, I would invite her to sit with me and watch some news on TV.
This was during the period of the first news on the Covid-19 outbreak in China and we would see the numbers growing there, never dreaming then that this would soon become a worldwide epidemic and the effect it would have on both of our lives and plans for the near future.

So now I can’t think of a better time to say a special thank you to Mercy, my PSW. She truly was my “Angel of Mercy” during a difficult time. I think about her often, and pray that she and all of the other PSW’s that are continuing to work, stay safe and well thru this stressful time.

Nancy Connelly

After my mother suffered a stroke and a heart attack, I needed extra help to care for her. I was given the name Destiny Care Services by the hospital. The service provided for the last three months was fantastic. My mother was well cared for and she enjoyed the company of the lovely ladies. A shout out to Rita for listening and providing the services required and Mercy and Precious for taking great care of my mother. I can't thank you enough.

Anna R

Just reaching out to say thanks for your help with other managers and sites. Everyone is saying good things from what I’m hearing.

Kerry's Place Autism Services

After my mother-in-law's latest hospitalization her medical care was transferred to a Palliative Care team as she had a limited amount of time left. While the gov't provided 2 hours of PSW services daily, this was not nearly enough care. The hospital gave me a list of companies that offer PSW services that included several dozen names. After contacting numerous companies it was Destiny Care Services Inc. that I chose.

The reasons for choosing this company are numerous not the least of which include:
- The phone was immediately answered the 1st time I called to make inquires, and continued to be answered every time I needed to contact Rita or the office.
- The offer of a FREE consultation was greatly appreciated and used. (No other company offered this service when I 1st contacted them).
- The FREE consultation was VERY informative.
- Any questions that we had were answered succinctly.
- things we never even thought of were highlighted and discussed so we were aware of them.
- The PSWs coming to offer services to my mother-in-law were carefully cosen so that a good fit was provided.
- The hourly price is competitive.
- Also the minimum number of hours daily we must take is better than what other companies offered.
- I got a good vibe when talking to Rita and I always trust my gut.
- Rita is a very Personable person, she not only cared about my mother-in-law the client, but she also cared about us, the family members.
- Rita is very Professional.

Janet Bayly

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