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A Support Worker/Staff provides various support services, such as personal care, companionship, and daily living activities. A Support Worker/Staff plays a vital role in enabling, empowering, and supporting people with a wide range of physical, learning, communication, and health-related disabilities.

Daily living
Support Workers/Staff can help with day-to-day living activities such as housework, grooming, shopping, meal planning, prepping, & cooking.

Communication liaison
Support Workers/Staff can help people with communication difficulties express themselves and make independent choices.

Support Workers/Staff can help your loved ones stay social with family and friends by taking them to social events, activities, and outings.

Emotional support system
Support Workers/Staff keep their charges healthy in mind and body by leading with compassion, kindness, and understanding.

Health & Wellness
Support Workers/Staff can help clients maintain healthy lifestyles by partaking in physical activities and healthy eating habits. Support Workers/Staff can help manage health through medication management, medicine administration, and attending appointments.

Support Workers/Staff can help with finances through money management and financial support.

Education & Personal development
Support Workers/Staff can become subject matter teachers and help with goal setting, applying, and attending classes.

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